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Lockgate Resuable cups

ECOffee Cups

In store we have a range of 8oz, 12oz and 14oz bamboo, reusable coffee cups.  You get a free drink when you

purchase one and a discount each
time you bring it back!  
Also dishwasher safe - good to know.


Our disposable cups are also completely compostable
- thanks Vegware!

Carbon Footprint

We've partnered up with local suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint
- YAY!

Solar Panels

Our Coffee House is powered in part by our rooftop solar panels come rain or shine

- YAY!


Use our left over coffee grounds in your compost and around plants & flowers for a safe slug deterrent

Ask instore for a FREE bag with any purchase

Ways to use our left
over coffee grounds

Being slightly acidic you can boost your compost or soil and help optimise the conditions for your flowers and plants that favour a lower pH by mixing in some used LCH coffee grounds.    

Sprinkle around plants to deter slugs and snails but to handily attract the helpful worms!


Did you know? Plants such as hydrangeas will change colour to be more blue the more acidic the soil!  Add LCH coffee grounds to bring out that hue.

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