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When not baking up luxury homemade cakes can be found cycling around the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

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Meet the team and our local suppliers

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Thank you to Mr Alan McCready for finding these wonderful pictures of how Lockgate used to look before it was knocked down and rebuilt as we know it today.  

Great for Train Spotting!

Thanks to Antony Dowling for these wonderful photos taken outside Lockgate.

Royal Scott 46100 14th April 2018

Royal Scott 46100 14/04/18

Tornado 60163 24th Nov 2017

Tornado 60163 24/11/17

The Sandstone Trail

Spanning 34 miles, the Sandstone Trail takes you along Cheshire's central sandstone ridge. 

Walking in Cheshire

There are hundreds of walks available in Cheshire and some right on the doorstep of the Lockgate Coffee House.  Suitable for all ages and abilities click on the link to find the right one for you. 

Cycling in Cheshire

Route 70 takes the adventurous cyclist on a 176 mile loop around Cheshire.  Gorgeous scenery can be enjoyed by those after a few lazy afternoon miles or those hunting KOMs & QOMs on the tougher climbs. 
Click in the image for a list of cycling trails, both on and off road.

Beeston Castle

Less than 2 miles away from our coffee house sits Beeston Castle proudly. 

Shropshire Union Canal

Looking out from Lockgate Coffee House you can see the Beeston Iron Lock gate marked number 11.  The Shropshire Union canal forms part of the Four Counties Ring which is the longest network in any UK county at 93 miles long.  Did you know Cheshire has more canals than Venice?  Experience it first hand by hiring your own boat from Chas Hardern!

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